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Individual DesignCovers

Your Electronics are your most important companion and a part of your Lifestyle. Having fun for a long time our DesignCover provides not only protection but also visual flair.

Whether simply, brightly coloured or elegant: Change your DesignCover like your outfit depending on your daily mood. You can get our DesignCover in two different materials: Hard-Cover (hard) and Silicone-Cover (soft) in basic colours black, white and clear (transparent). They have cutouts available for camera and all main control elements of your device.

Whether you use your own photos or one out of our extensive portfolio – you determine the look of your device.

  • Artfully designed custom printed Hard-Cover and Silicone-Cover
  • High quality and scratch-proof colour printing
  • Available in basic colours black, white and transparent
  • Robust and durable designs
  • Unlimited individuality from 19,95 €
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