Design Foils Lexicon

DesignSkins® by DeinDesign™ are the perfect tool to decorate and protect all your favorite products that are surrounding you day by day.

Your DesignSkins® will be individually produced and cutom-fit to your cell phone or notebook, your game pad or digital camera, to your MP3 player or ony of the numerous other products in our shop.

Our design foil lexicon gives a short overviwe of all the possibilities at hand.


Cell Phone Accessories
Cell Phone, Beautify your
Cell Phone Casing
Cellphone Cover
Cell Phone, Decorate your
Cell Phone Design
Cell Phone Design Foil
Cell Phone Display Foil
Cell Phone Foil
Cell Phone Labels
Cell Phone, Pimp your
Cell Phone Protection Foil
Cell Phone Shell
Cell Phone Sticker
Cell Phone Style


Design Cover
Design Labels
Design Sticker
DSi Foil
DSi Skins
DS Lite Foil
DS Lite Skins




Individual Design Foil
iPad® Cover
iPad® Design
iPad® Labels
iPad® Protection Foil
iPad® Sticker
iPod® Cover
iPod® Design Foil
iPod® Foil
iPod® Labels
iPod Nano 6 Cover
iPod Nano 6 Design Foil
iPod Nano 6 Foil
iPod Nano 6 Labels
iPod Nano 6 Protection Foil
iPod Nano 6 Skins
iPod Nano 6 Sticker
iPod Protection Foil
iPod® Skins
iPod Shuffle 4 Cover
iPod Shuffle 4 Design Foil
iPod Shuffle 4 Foil
iPod Shuffle 4 Labels
iPod Shuffle 4 Protection Foil
iPod Shuffle 4 Skins
iPod Shuffle 4 Sticker
iPod Touch 4 Cover
iPod Touch 4 Labels
iPhone® 4 Cover
iPhone® 4 Design
iPhone® 4 Design Foil
iPhone® 4 Foil
iPhone® 4 Labels
iPhone® 4 Protection Foil
iPhone® 4 Sticker
iPhone® Cover
iPhone® Design Foil
iPhone® Folie
iPhone® Labels

Game Pad Design
Game Pad Foil

Laptop Cover
Laptop Design Foil
Laptop Foil
Laptop Labels
Laptop Sticker

MP3 Player Design
MP3 Player Design Foil

Nintendo Wii Skins
Notebook Cover
Notebook Design
Notebook Design Foil
Notebook Foil
Notebook Labels
Notebook Skins
Notebook Sticker

Pimp it all

Samsung Galaxy S3 Folien
Samsung Galaxy S3 Skins

Xmas Present for Boy- and Girlfriend
Xmas Present customization
Xmas Present do it yourself
Xmas Present individual
Wii Folie